I’m officially back in Ohio. I’m not too happy about it – I have about a thousand cons and a few pros. My number one pro? I get to sleep in my own fantastic bed.


  • College search
  • Applying to colleges
  • Denison visit
  • Hanover visit
  • Overnight at Kenyon
  • Scholarship search
  • Read Angela’s Ashes & The Kite Runner
  • Do homework that corresponds with above books
  • Work on a poster for Freshman mentoring
  • Get a physical
  • Tennis conditioning & practices
  • ACT Prep
  • ACT – Sept 11
  • SAT – Oct 9
  • Sign up for online college classes
  • Start volunteering
  • Shadow at a library
  • Write a 2500-word story

And almost all of this has to be done within the next 25 days. It’s not just a self-imposed goal, sadly. School starts in 25 days, and I have so many school-related tasks I think I’m going to burst.

Or have my head explode like it did when I left the theater showing Inception – but that’s a different story.

Oh, and I guess I can make another list here, despite how long the above one is. I need to show how quickly my list of colleges to apply to has changed.

  • Kenyon College
  • Denison University
  • Hanover College
  • Miami University: Oxford Campus
  • Ohio State University: Columbus Campus
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Dayton
  • University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

I’m hoping that I’ll stick to this list, but I’ll have to continue to look over them and make sure that these are the ones I want to apply to. Although, I know that truthfully, I only want to apply to one college for sure.

The other colleges that I had typed out in my original post – Fairleigh Dickinson, Wittenberg, College of Idaho, and Syracuse – I couldn’t remember when I listed colleges I was interested in. When I finally realized that, I had to simply admit their lack of importance to me and take them off the list.

Hopefully I’m right about my interest in Hanover and Denison – I’ll write about how the visits went when I get around to making them happening.

As of now, however, I’ve got to go begin the Early Decision 1 application process for Kenyon. Wish me luck!




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