Online Applications

Any current student applying for college knows doing so online is probably easiest. Online applications are free, and my generation is computer savvy and obviously knows how to fill out an online application.

Wrong. I do not have the slightest inkling on how to fill out an online application – and everything is so confusing and frustrating that I might as well just pay the 50 dollars and send in a paper application.

First of all, I’ve signed up for an account on the Common App site…and I’m definitely confused. I added Kenyon to my list of colleges on the website, and I started filling out the stuff it told me to but I’m still lost. Is that all I need to fill out? What about the supplement application – is that going to be on the website too? If not, how do I send them together? Where do I send them to?

And then, there’s more questions. I downloaded the complete first-year application off the Common App website. Did I even need to? If I did, how am I supposed to be filling it out? I don’t know how to work Adobe or any similar program.

So, are the Adobe version of the application and the pieces that I’m filling out on the website the same application, or not?

My brain: WTF?





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4 responses to “Online Applications

  1. I promise to help you when I get back! Sorry we haven’t talked! I WILL COME TO YOUR RESCUE.

  2. As the girl who applied to two colleges and was rejected by one and ended up not really using Common App at all, I can’t help you much. Sorry :/

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