College Visits – Junior Day at Kenyon

Hey, remember this list?

  • College search
  • Applying to colleges
  • Denison visit
  • Hanover visit
  • Miami visit (added after the last post)
  • Overnight at Kenyon
  • Scholarship search
  • Read Angela’s AshesThe Kite Runner
  • Do homework that corresponds with above books
  • Work on a poster for Freshman mentoring
  • Get a physical
  • Tennis conditioning & practices
  • ACT Prep
  • ACT – Sept 11
  • SAT – Oct 9
  • Sign up for online college classes
  • Start volunteering
  • Shadow at a library
  • Write a 2500-word story

Basically, as soon as I have a definite date and time for something, I cross it off. It doesn’t matter if I’ve haven’t completed it yet because the task is as good as done if it’s made its way into my cell phone calendar. Or, at the very least I’ve done the first date that it requires. For example, both the ACT Prep and the Tennis practices have multiple dates. I’ve gone to the first ACT Prep class and the first tennis practice a while ago, so I got to cross them off.

So, now onto the actual interesting part. I’ve set up all of my college visits – Kenyon, Denison, Hanover, and Miami. Kenyon is the only one that I’m doing an overnight stay at and I have to say that I’m just ecstatic about it. This is my chance to see what it’s really like on that campus. The visits to Denison, Hanover, and Miami are just tours – Denison and Hanover being individual visits. I think that means it’ll be just me and my mom being led around, which is awkward but worth it. If you have the chance I think it’s best to just get as close as you can to your guide – whoever that may be.

When I had been at Junior Day for Kenyon, I was fortunate enough to get a guide all to myself. I got to talk one-on-one with the guide and get a deeper look into the students at Kenyon. Since it was just me, my sister, and my mom, the guide got to talk to us while also interacting with his campus the way he normally would when walking with a friend.

I’m almost positive that the wave he had given to a professor wouldn’t have been done if he had twenty teenagers and parents squabbling around him. Many will say that the wave doesn’t mean a thing, but it does. If he hadn’t waved at the professor, I wouldn’t have noticed her. And if I hadn’t noticed her, I wouldn’t have seen her and her bright smile walking with two other students, chatting as if the dismal weather that day meant nothing.

For many, a big campus is okay and maybe that wave would’ve been pointless for them. For me, however, I thrive when I know every single person I’m around.




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