So, I’m watching Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix on ABC Family, and despite how insanely in love I am with Harry Potter and his universe (I still listen to my Jim Dale audiotapes every night), I will be honest and say that I do not usually watch the movies or the Harry Potter Weekends. What makes today different is that I have to read a book for school, which starts in 4 days, and I’m a procrastinator.

Anyway, since I don’t watch these HP Weekends very often, I am discovering all these scenes that I have never seen before, and I so-very-much wish I owned these versions.

Google search: Harry Potter Extended edition on DVD.

I have found out that last year both Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets got ultimate edition copies which include the theatrical version of the HP movies, but also an extended edition, and extra stuff like interviews and commentaries.

Merlin, ultimate editions! Inside, I have died. Obviously not enough to keep me from searching for the rest of the ULTIMATE EDITION!Harry Potter movies, but died nonetheless. (I have a few Horcruxes out there, if you were wondering.)

Unfortunately, it seems that either both the third and fourth movies don’t have extended editions, or just the fourth doesn’t have it. This has killed another one of my Horcruxes.

All I really have to say in response is this:

Dear Warner Brothers,

If you get proper ultimate editions (with the extra scenes!) for all seven of the Harry Potter movies, I will freaking let Cedric Diggory bite me. Okay?




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