For Esther Earl

I never knew Esther. I never met her and never talked to her, but I knew about her. I voted for her. The Harry Potter Alliance, in the Chase Community Challenge, was sponsoring her.

I didn’t even really understand it, but I voted for her because that’s what was right. I wanted her to get better. No one deserves cancer.

Unfortunately, Esther is no longer with us. This girl I knew almost nothing about is gone, and I’m very sad that I never got to meet and get to know her. We are both a part of the Nerdfighter community, but we had never truly crossed paths. I’m very sorry for that because honestly, I’ve heard so many great things about her. I feel like we would’ve been good friends.

Rest in Awesome, Esther. And tell Dumbledore I say hi.

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2 responses to “For Esther Earl

  1. This is..
    I totally feel the same way.
    I feel like you put it much better than I did.

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