Fandoms: Good or Bad?

So, I really love this topic I’m about to jump into because it’ll probably sound hypocritical when I type my opinion. Plus, it’s a great discussion topic.

I was on College Candy today, and one of the posts was about fandoms. Now, it’s not necessarily about my type of fandom, but it is about the obsessive following of celebrities. Either way, I decided to take that post and put my opinion here – flesh it out in my own way.

It speaks mostly about how obsessive we are as people now. We are either obsessive over celebrities, or something like Twilight.

In both instances, I have heard of death threats occurring. Now, I don’t have Bieber-fever but the College Candy post mentioned how some fourteen-year-old threatened someone else for not liking him. Honestly, that’s insane and definitely not okay. Someone who said they didn’t like Twilight was either threatened to be killed or actually beaten up a bit, if I can remember correctly.

All of this is crazy. This kind of obsession is really wrong, and is definitely a side-effect of the internet. With everything at our fingertips I believe we are more able to flesh out our interests and find others who are interested in the same topics. When you have someone to talk to about your obsession, it can only make it grow. You learn more and more about your obsession, and get the pleasure of talking about it with someone else too.  I’m not saying that’s necessarily wrong or bad – and we certainly can’t backtrack with the internet – but I believe that, as humans, we all need to find a line and draw it. We’re the most intelligent species on the planet, and we definitely should not acting in such a vulgar way.

But here’s where I will probably sound hypocritical. I believe that obsessions with more…inanimate things…are okay. Twilight is an obvious exception here, as there are many TwiHards who have acted a bit freaky (more on this in the next paragraph), but often times you will find those obsessed with a certain TV show or book are less inclined to kill someone over it.

The thing is that these inanimate things cannot talk back to us – they don’t have the same feelings that humans do. Celebrities do, and that makes it easier – for those who technically “stalk” them – to get to know them as people who have views and ideals and good and bad times. Those who love a certain celebrity tend to feel like they’ve gotten to know them almost like friends, begin to idolize them, maybe even worship. They probably want to become this person, want to escape into their fantastic well-known life where others would idolize them. (Or, in the case of Twilight, they want to have a character – Edward or Jacob – and will fight to the death over a fake Gary-Stu* character. In a way, this is just like a celebrity. They are completely idolized as a person.) Obviously it’s not healthy. Life is about learning to accept yourself (in a solitary way, not with a boyfriend. You are not complete just because you are dating someone – especially someone fake), and I honestly believe that obsessions with books, TV shows, or sports can give you that. They give you a sense of personal identity with new ideas and beliefs – views on the world – as opposed to becoming someone else.

Tell me what you think: Are obsessions with celebrities and TV shows/books/ideas the same or are they different? Are they good or bad?



*Gary Stu – the opposite sexual counterpart to a Mary Sue. A perfectly written TV or book character who is great at everything, and loved by everyone.



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4 responses to “Fandoms: Good or Bad?

  1. Wendy

    This is a really interesting blog, I’d have to say. I really see what you mean about having a personal identity when you obsess over a book/idea/movie, but it still seems like it can go too far. Is it smart to have an identity based off of something isn’t real or that you have no “part” in?

    I don’t know. Interesting thoughts.

    • That is actually a fairly good question. Can your obsession with a movie or book gets so deep that it becomes your whole life and you find the rest of the world impossible? Honestly, though, I feel like that is definitely more rare than celebrity-obsessing. Books and other forms of media are less advertised now-a-days and I feel as if the magazines, internet sites, and other articles are less likely to be found in opposition to something on celebrities.

  2. Suz

    People are dumb and take things way too far, way too often. I mean, I love me some Itachi, but I wouldn’t stab someone for liking him too.

    I think obsessions are good to a healthy degree – if they’re people, they give the viewer (or reader, etc) something to look up to, someone to idolize, a standard in themselves to meet. (unless, you know, you idolize a murderer or something. That’s bad.) It’s not healthy or safe the way some people go too far though, as I said at the beginning. It so often goes too far because someone will begin to think that they are the only ones allowed to draw inspiration from a certain person or thing, or that someone who doesn’t is in the wrong.

    If people weren’t so nuts, we could all sit in fandom-field and enjoy a picnic together. 😦 That’s just too much to ask for in today’s idiotic world.

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