Hanover College

So today I visited Hanover College. The day was perfect too – sun and a constant breeze. It was a nice change. Cincy is usually stagnant and humid. Not enjoyable at all.

While the weather did affect my opinion and mood while on the college visit, I have to say there was a lot of cool stuff about Hanover. Madison, the town Hanover is in, is very similar to my home town – it’s small and very generic, but relaxed and gorgeous. What made Madison even better was the weather, better upkeep, and scenery. It has less hills, and more open field with corn and barns. Luckily though, it still has trees. I don’t think I could live in a place without trees.

One thing I enjoyed about Hanover is that it’s not smack-dab in a town, mingling with it. Hanover has its own sign that leads up into dense foliage and a winding road. It’s beautiful. Then, when you finally get to the top, you have open space with buildings and a few trees.

Anyway, no one was at Hanover besides the freshman class, but it was really nice either way. I might not have gotten to see students in their element, but I think it was easier to get around and talk and learn without everyone being extremely busy. I immediately went to the Office of Admissions, got my papers, and then (after a nosebleed) went on my tour. It all went smoothly, and I think that was great considering how nervous I was.

The tour guide was really nice (I did a one-on-one tour. I figure that’s a better way to make a statement for yourself, but also get more of your questions answered), and he did a good job of showing me the place and asking questions. The best thing about tours, though, is that you don’t have to come up with a list of questions before you go because they come to mind when walking around the campus and listening to the guide talk. I feel like, with interviews, it’s going to be harder to ask and answer questions and there would need to be preparation.

I learned a lot about the different things Hanover has: the classrooms, class sizes, main buildings, activities, and something like the essence of Hanover – which seems to be very historic. The buildings are all fairly similar, big white pillars in front, same square red building all around. It’s very pretty, despite it not being my taste.

The classrooms are also nice. I got shown the largest class – and let me tell you, it looked like it would only seat about thirty-five to forty people. Not bad. Class sizes, by the time you are a senior, are around five people. Sound fantastic enough? Yes.

Everything is actually really well renovated too. The classrooms have very nice desks, comfy chairs, and a good amount of equipment. The dorms are fairly big – bigger than Kenyon’s – and they have a nice place to do laundry that has a TV.

Activities? It seemed that Hanover is big on theater, hiking (they have their very own park on campus), basketball, football, volleyball, and maybe choir. They’re very spirited, which is nice, and I think it’s cool that they also have many bands coming into their school to do shows. Think less party school, more good-ol’-fun school.

To go back to theater and choir, when applying to Hanover, you actually are applying for scholarships which can be in theater, academics, and choir. I’m sure there’s more scholarships, but those are the ones that were mentioned to me considering I do all of those things at my high school. Overall, I think that was really important because it’s easier for the students applying. That’s less paperwork, and very exciting too. Who doesn’t want a chance to get a scholarship?

After the tour I got to sit down with the head of the Psychology department. This was good for me mostly because Psychology is such a broad subject and it’s hard to figure out what part is what you need for the job you have in mind. There’s Neuro-Psychology, which is more about studying the brain; behavior psychology, which is obviously about people, personalities, and responses to their environment; and clinical psychology, which I believe can be very close to behavior psychology if you’re going to be based in becoming an actual psychologist where you sit down and talk out emotional/mental issues.

I’ll be that last one.

The main thing I loved that the head of the department said was that at Hanover they try to get you to take a few classes of all the different types of psychology, just to make sure you get a chance to find what you really like, and then have you declare your major in your second semester of your sophomore year. Also, there is more doing of psychology as opposed to just sitting down and learning about it. Psychology, which often gives the impression of just learning about others, is taught a bit differently at Hanover in the sense that you can also get some hands on experience. There’s even a senior research project that sounds very interesting. I already know what I’ll be doing for my project about if I go there.

Overall, Hanover is probably my second choice. It didn’t get me excited and pumped for college like Kenyon did, but I could definitely see myself going there.

Hanover website.

Hanover on Collegeboard.




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