One of the most fantastic parts of being in the Nerdfighter community is all the giving it does. The HP Alliance and Nerdfighters worked to get money to Esther Earl when she needed it, and now Youtuber Charlie McDonnell and Youtuber Myles Dyer are working together on the StickAid project. So far as I know, StickAid was hosted by Myles Dyer for the past four years, but this year, Charlie has decided to join him.

The whole point is for the two of them to stay up for 24 straight hours and just volley for donations for the UNICEF charity during a live-stream. UNICEF, if you don’t know, is the United Nations Children’s Fund. The name pretty much explains itself, so I’ll leave that as it is and just move on.

I’m so excited about this StickAid project. Originally, I thought that the project, when Charlie first posted his video, was going to be asking his viewers to also stay up 24 hours. As cool as it really is, I wish that this had been the case (I know it wouldn’t have made much sense, though). I am a teen of seventeen without a job, and I don’t think my mom fully understands why I’m interested in something like this, so I’m not really in a position to donate money.

This is actually the real reason I’m blogging about StickAid. Maybe – just maybe – I can make up for my inability to donate by finding more people who can give for this great cause. Besides, who wouldn’t want to watch Charlie and Myles do hilarious challenges, show great musicians, and put on make-up?

Really, if you don’t already know about Charlie McDonnell, Myles Dyer, and the other great handful of Youtubers who do all of this giving (and more) then I suggest you Wiki them and start scouring Youtube. These people are truly inspiring, and I can’t wait to find my own ways to help people like they do.

StickAid Live-Stream.




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