Safety Zones

So, this is extremely depressing for two reasons:

1. I just really got into a piece of Harry Potter fanfiction that I started about 9 months ago. I had let it sit for a very long time, but I recently started writing like mad for it.

2. I also feel like this blog is starting to do really well. I have a lot of great ideas for it, and I had recently been planning on writing a blog post a day (as soon as I ran out of ideas).

Neither of these will be continued. At least for two weeks.

I’ve decided to give up my safety zones. No more Harry Potter or internet for the next two weeks – just to see how I fare on my own. This is partly for my own sanity/health, but also for my own interest. I’m really into psychology, and this will be so interesting to play around with. More when I return on the 22nd. 😉

Wish me luck!




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One response to “Safety Zones

  1. Suz

    1. I have a geeky old Naruto story that I need to get back into.

    2. Awesome. I shall stalk away.

    3. My safety zones are my jackets and long hair, and my hair will never be cut again. And no, I’m too cowardly to ever give them up. But good luck with escaping the internet. 🙂

    4. I love making lists.

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