Hello Once Again

So, I’m back. Yes, I know – you missed me. I totally understand. I missed you too. Actually, I really missed writing in my blog. However, I didn’t immediately post on the 22nd after my two-week hiatus was because I was so insanely busy. In fact, I’m busy all this week – which is why I’m writing this at 9 PM. This might be the only chance I get this week. Unless I’m lucky. Cross your fingers.

Anyway, I want to give everyone a quick look at all the things that I’ll be posting as soon as I get a chance. They’re all on my list and a little backed up – but I promise to post them.

  1. Second part of the Common App guide
  2. Kenyon Overnight review
  3. Review on A Very Potter Sequel

For now, however, I’m going to talk about what it was like on hiatus for two weeks.

Liberating. Absolutely liberating. I’m going to be overly honest and say that I had a major addiction to the internet (for about 2-3 years) if only because of my vast amount of internet friends that made me feel less alone and depressed. Turning on the internet and talking to these friends, as I look back on it, was like my drug. I ended up being so disconnected that I started to get mild depression and major anxiety issues.

But slowly the group of friends grew smaller as everyone moved on with their lives. Eventually, I was one of the last few. I decided to give up both Harry Potter and the internet to see how I would respond to life without it. Turns out, I couldn’t really give up Harry Potter. It’s such a huge part of me in the way I think about life that I just couldn’t block it from my mind. On the other hand, the internet was fairly easy to give up (barring school/college related things) after the first two or three days. My main problem was actually very hilarious and typical.

I needed to update my Facebook status.

Don’t worry. I didn’t give in to temptation, but it was crazy how badly I wanted to tell the people in my life that I was completely finished with all ACT Prep classes. It was such a happy thing for me because they were such a pain in the butt. The fact that I couldn’t share it was torture. Looking back it makes me realize how completely self-obsessed humans of this time can be – especially with the influence of Facebook. Honestly, who is really going to care that I had finished my ACT Prep classes? That’s right – no one.

I think that giving up the internet for those two weeks really taught me to listen more and talk less. By the end of the two weeks, I had completely forgotten I had even given up the internet and could to have it back. My old self would have jumped around and told everyone about how I was going to get back on the internet after a two-week hiatus. The new me – the happier, calmer, more active me – seems to do more activities and asking questions. I mean, I still talk a lot about myself – I am a teenager – but I ask more questions about others lives too. I’m beginning to work on a balance, and I really like it.

The best part: I feel more grounded without the internet. I don’t have to feel anxious to get home to the internet for my safety anymore. I would rather stay at school from dawn until dusk now. I love participating in school activities and hanging out with people – something I honestly thought I’d never say.

The worst part: I still love my internet friends. I want to keep in contact with them for as many years as I can, but it seems like it’s extremely hard to do when you’re an internet junkie just off rehab. I don’t want to go back to being obsessed with the internet again, but it seems like I need it to keep in contact with my friends.

So, how do I stay in contact with my internet friends while also leading my new life with less internet?

Tell me what you think I should do in the comments below! I’m open to any suggestion. 🙂




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