The Simple Things: Youtube

So…I love Youtube. It’s a simple site, but I think it has a lot to offer. For example, today I watched a video uploaded by KevJumba (real name, Kevin Wu) and it immediately inspired this small post that I will enjoy writing, even if no one ever sees it.

Anyway, Kevin is a very funny Youtuber. From what I’ve gathered, he became popular by first making comedy videos teasing himself. He’s escalated far beyond this, however, and now makes collaboration videos with Wong Fu Productions that are often hilarious skits (or series) along with simple pieces with himself and his father (who is just as amusing. See My Dad is Asian).

Initially, I was confused when I opened today’s video because I was seeing the beginning of The Amazing Race. I haven’t watched it for years, but it was obvious what it was and I didn’t get why it was in KevJumba’s video. Until, of course, there was a flash to Kevin and his father.

I immediately ran to my mom, who watches The Amazing Race, and asked her about them. I was speaking so quickly, she had to tell me to calm down so she could understand me. Honestly, knowing this person on a slightly larger level than most, and him being on The Amazing Race, was a great mixture of weird and awesome.

I love the internet and I love Youtube. It has created opportunities like this – where the world seems even smaller than it used to and makes things more personal and exciting. There’s so much more to do and live for when contact can be made within seconds.

Plus, KevJumba is one of the simple and small pieces of my life that really gives me hope that humans will go on as we are now – with discord, yes, but also happiness and humor. A lot of the time, I think the last part gets lost in all the terrorism and fighting.

Just watch his videos. You’ll get what I mean.



PS. I’m cheering on TeamJumba – are you?



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2 responses to “The Simple Things: Youtube

  1. I’ve started watching the Amazing Race just so I can cheer them on and tell everyone around me I knew who they were before they got on TV.

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