CommonApp.Org – Part 3

In the last post, we worked our way through all the sub-headings of The Common Application, ending with the signature and sending off our application. Figuratively speaking.

Now, we’re moving on to the Supplements and Payments sections.

1) Supplements. Not all colleges will use this section, but if they do, it will have either something simple like the CommonApp for you to fill out, or a number of essays. For example, Miami University did not have essays, but they had something for me to fill out which asked which deadline I was applying for, if I had any relatives that had attended Miami, and if I was intending on applying for the Honors program. These are all very simple and do not take a lot of time.

However, the second type of Supplement is the essay. I suggest you look into this very early on because each essay should take at least a few hours of your time. For Kenyon, I have to give them my name, if I’ve visited their college, three essays, and more. The hardest part of this type of supplement is obviously the essays, and you should be making first drafts of these essays as soon as you see them. They need special attention and if you have many, you’ll need to work ahead to stay on track with whatever deadline you’ve chosen. Make sure to get at least three people to edit!

2) The Payments section is simple. All you need is your parent, a credit card (or if you want to do the e-check, that’s fine too) and five minutes. If you or your parent has ever ordered anything online, then you will be fine.

I know that this is a short entry, but that does not mean that your movement through these steps will be similar. Your essays will take up the majority of the time you spend applying, and they will wear you out. But that’s how you’ll know you’ve done it right. So, good luck – I hope you do well on your supplement essays. 😉

The last installment of the CommonApp series will be the School Forms section. Feel free to leave a question or comment below!





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2 responses to “CommonApp.Org – Part 3

  1. Haha… Did my essays in the 24 hours before they were due… *faicpalm*

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