The Quote Game

It’s been a while. Mostly because I’ve been busy, but also because my blog is heading in a different direction than I thought and I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s become less of my media interests and short stories, and more of my views and small interest pieces. I’m more interested in talking about people, responses, and society.

I’m not sure what to attribute this change to, but it is happening, and that means a change is in order.

The title.

Any suggestions, please leave a comment!



PS. I want to try something new and fun. I’m going to leave a quote at the bottom of each post, and see if someone can guess where it comes from. It can be a tv show, book, movie, or person.

“You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”



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3 responses to “The Quote Game

  1. Isn’t that the great thing about blogs? That you start off with something and it takes you on a whole different route.
    I’m not good with titles so I’m going to remain silent on that front.

    But I wanted to check in and see how your HP themed research paper was going? (And the college applications too)

    • Yeah, I’m really excited about this new direction. With the title, I was thinking something like “The Inquisitive Individual” but I don’t know if it sounds lame or not. 🙂 I like alliteration, though. I’d like to keep with that.

      The paper is going…ish. I haven’t written much, but I know where I can get all my information and I know exactly what I’m going to say. Now, I just need to clean my room, settle myself in, and get working. (Especially since it’s due on Thursday.)

      College applications, not so much. Sorry for not emailing you back yet, but I’ve been trying to tweak it so it actually fits the prompt. At first I thought it worked, but now it doesn’t, and it’s a giant mess. I’ll be working on it today hopefully, and then I’ll email it to you. Thanks so much for your help! I miss talking to you! (And I can’t wait to see your business take off! I loved looking at the website!)

  2. The quotes gotta be one from Harry Potter, sounds so much like Dumbledore but ain’t sure from which book!

    As for the title, (I know it’s a tad bit random coming from me knowing that this is the first time I’m are interacting but nonetheless) how about using the word ‘Perspective’ as a part of it since you would be looking at things in your own way…

    PS: Liked your idea of the quote game! 🙂

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