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Journey in the TARDIS – End of Series 5

I’m not sure if anyone watches Doctor Who – and if you do, when. I’ve been following the most recent season on BBC America, but I feel like a lot of my friends had finished the season long before me – as in months ago.

Whatever the rest of the world was doing, I’ve just finished it. I was away on vacation, as everyone who reads this knows, and I had two episodes to watch when I came back yesterday. So far as I can tell, both were the last two of the season and were supposed to act as one epic episode.

I barely felt it – the epic part. I realized that showing a lot of the characters from the other episodes and being foreboding with van Gogh’s painting was supposed to make that hit home, but like the rest of the season, I felt as if the show was lacking in the usual impact and emotion.

I’m not saying it was bad. The episodes were good and I think both made a good end to the series. The cracks in space and time – how they all played together? Fantastic. I’m not going to give anything away here, but I liked this season.

I just wish we still had David Tennant and Russel T. Davies. I believe they were less about the effects, and more about the characters – which is obviously different from Matt Smith and Steven Moffat’s portrayal of the show.

And because of the way it’s portrayed with the new Doctor and producer, I feel like the show loses the emotion and impact it’s supposed to give people. That why it was such a popular show – it wasn’t about the Doctor, the aliens, and the fantastic TARDIS. Doctor Who was more about the characters – specifically the Doctor and why he risks his life to constantly save the humans. Those dull, ridiculous humans who keep messing up – but keep fighting.

Plus, his connections with the companions he picks up along the way. Seeing how the Doctor interacted with the companions made it even more obvious as to why he loved humans.

But, what’s done is done. I have high hopes for Matt Smith and Steven Moffat in the next season – maybe Matt Smith will find a way to change the Doctor so he’s different from the others. Maybe Steven Moffat with go deeper with the characters.

I’ll watch the next season.



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