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Harry Potter and the War of Research Topics

All right, I am going to have many questions for you today, so buckle yourselves in.

1) I can’t decide between two topics for my Harry Potter-based paper. Literature vs. Fiction or HP’s Affect on Society? Please leave a comment!

2) I have a few survey questions for you to answer, if you would be oh-so-kind. ūüôā They are 7 simple questions, plus one extended response. They will help me decide, along with a comment responding to the first question in this post, as to which prompt I should pick for my topic.

Thank you so much!



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Harry Potter Research Paper

Dear readers,

I was so incredibly excited about this moment that I just had to get on my blog during my Lit bell and tell you the good news. I am either doing my English research paper on how Harry Potter has affected society or whether Harry Potter is literature vs. fiction. To do this, I will be setting up polls or questionnaires for my class, teachers, peers, and those on the internet. I need to get my list of questions together first, but if anyone would be interested in helping me get more feedback on my questions later on, I’d be thrilled to have your help!!




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Literature vs. Fiction

In my AP English class a few days ago, we were talking about what the difference between literature and fiction is – how to distinguish them.

Literature, we decided, was novels that were more written for the author and contained rhetorical terms, themes, and symbolism. Also, that literature often challenges beliefs and society.

Fiction is written more for the readers, and doesn’t usually contain any of the extra thought that is put into books of literature quality. I’d actually put a lot of YA novels under here, which are usually dramatic or about love and sex.

At one point in our discussion, though, we reached something that definitely caught my interest: is Harry Potter fiction or literature?

And of course, we all know what I said: LITERATUREOKAY?

But in an AP class that type of answer doesn’t go too well, nor did we really decide to discuss that more thoroughly. However, I really wanted to talk about it.¬†So, I went to my forum and brought it up to my friends, and listed a few reasons why I thought that it was considered literature. The topic didn’t get discussed very much, but only because no one tried to prove me wrong.

So, blog post? Yes, exactly. This is my attempt to find someone who will go into a throw-down with me and try to prove Harry Potter is fiction.

Here are my main points as to why Harry Potter is literature:

  • Harry Potter may be a children’s book, and it may look like it is only a fad of our generation, but it is also deeply read by adults. Also, is Chronicles of Narnia not considered literature?
  • Going off this, I have recently learned of one college and one high school that has a class devoted completely to studying Harry Potter. There is no doubt in my mind that this number will increase. If this was just a fad or only a piece of fiction, would there be any need to study it at all?
  • There are thousands of people who have created communities around this book. There are three different things that I have found to be the most important parts of Harry Potter culture –
  1. Wizard Rock, or WRock, music. The topics of these bands’ songs¬†can range from popular ¬†to minor characters, or important moments in the books.
  2. Harry Potter conventions. Even after the series has long ended, there are still Harry Potter conventions. I plan to go to one next summer, LeakyCon.
  3. Harry Potter fanfiction. There are a few hundred of devoted Harry Potter fanfiction-fiends who write to study the themes and (popular or minor) characters of Harry Potter.
  • Going back to the study of Harry Potter. Many say that there are no themes or points to the books, merely that it is only about good vs. evil and is a standard children’s book. However, there are themes that are very carefully interwoven throughout them.
  1. Prejudice – The idea that whether you were born into a magical or non-magical family affects how worthy you are of magic. This caused war and death, showing readers the gravity of what prejudice can really do.
  2. Basis of family – Harry grew up without a proper family, but managed to find one when he went to Hogwarts. Goes to show that you can always find someone to love you.
  3. Sorting/judging – When characters first attended Hogwarts, they got Sorted. While many believe that they didn’t pick their House, Harry had the choice between Slytherin and Gryffindor. He chose a different path from Voldemort, making him good and not evil. He was not marked to be good, but chose it.
  • Finally, the characters. Draco – along with Snape, Voldemort, and Dumbledore – are some of the many complex characters within the novel that address how history and life can affect actions and beliefs.

Tell me what you think. Literature or fiction? Why? Feel free to leave long responses – I am not afraid!




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So, I’m watching Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix on ABC Family, and despite how insanely in love I am with Harry Potter and his universe (I still listen to my Jim Dale audiotapes every night), I will be honest and say that I do not usually watch the movies or the Harry Potter Weekends. What makes today different is that I have to read a book for school, which starts in 4 days, and I’m a procrastinator.

Anyway, since I don’t watch these HP Weekends very often, I am discovering all these scenes that I have never seen before, and I so-very-much wish I owned these versions.

Google search: Harry Potter Extended edition on DVD.

I have found out that last year both Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets got ultimate edition copies which include the theatrical version of the HP movies, but also an extended edition, and extra stuff like interviews and commentaries.

Merlin, ultimate editions! Inside, I have died. Obviously not enough to keep me from searching for the rest of the ULTIMATE EDITION!Harry Potter movies, but died nonetheless. (I have a few Horcruxes out there, if you were wondering.)

Unfortunately, it seems that either both the third and fourth movies don’t have extended editions, or just the fourth doesn’t have it. This has killed another one of my Horcruxes.

All I really have to say in response is this:

Dear Warner Brothers,

If you get proper ultimate editions (with the extra scenes!) for all seven of the Harry Potter movies, I will freaking let Cedric Diggory bite me. Okay?



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Witches and Wizards and Magical Beasts

For those of you who don’t know, there is a Harry Potter musical on YouTube. I was referred to it a year and a month ago: “Go into YouTube and search for ‘A Very Potter Musical.’ You won’t regret it.”

I didn’t.

While there are some issues while watching (video and sound quality), it’s truly fantastic to watch – and really all about laughs.

And with the twists put on the characters – how could you not burst into giggles? Harry is a guitar-playing, egotistical boy. Ron is, while still Harry’s friend, a jerk with a signature blue headband. Hermione is beyond mercilessly teased and put down. Voldemort and Quirrell have a major bro-mance. And Dumbledore is…well, you have to see for yourself.

Now one important thing that might annoy watchers is that the musical has pieces from different books placed all together in a new plotline. Harry Potter is Goin’ Back to Hogwarts and has to face many things – his love for Cho Chang (the Southern Goddess of Hogwarts), the different tasks from the Triwizard Tournament, and finally finishing Voldemort once and for all. Pieces of the first, fourth, and seventh books are all put together in a new way – and somehow, the musical manages to become its own fantastic Harry Potter book.

Unless you happen to be completely devoted to all things canon. However, I am one of those people and I just relish the characters, jokes, and songs so much that being canon doesn’t matter. I suppose it’s just all about being in the eyes of the beholder.

Oh – and watch out for Draco Malfoy. You’ll never understand him and his hope to attend Pigfarts, at least not until the sequel.

Yes, a sequel – and don’t worry, I’ll write a review for that too. ūüėČ

A Very Potter Musical – Act 1, Part 1.




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