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CommonApp.Org – Part 2

Finally! I’m here to update the CommonApp series. Where we last left off, I had the Future Plans section filled out. Now, we are going to work on the rest of the sub-headings.

1) Fill out Applicant-Academics. This section is fairly self-explanatory. The information is everything within your reach – whether you go through your parents, your school, the SAT/ACT websites, or already have it. These sections are just about taking the time out of your jam-packed senior schedule to fill them out.

2) The activities sub-heading is tougher. You’re going to have to set up all of your activities in order from most important to least, and then evaluate whether you should even put it on the application. If you’ve done a lot of activities, those that you haven’t largely invested in shouldn’t be put down. It’s all about priorities in this one. If you need to, make a list of your activities and ask your school counselor for advice.

3) The writing section. Here, you will have to write a brief summary on a school activity, while also writing an essay on a topic of your choice (which is shown in the “Personal Essay” box). Essays should almost never be longer than 650 words. Those who are reading your essay are going through hundreds, if not thousands. They do not want to read a long-winded essay.  It’s up to you which is the best way to approach your essays, but make sure that you get around 1-3 people to look it over. It’s important to get opinions other than your own!

4) Finally, the “Signature” sub-heading. This is where you will learn if you’ve properly filled out your application. This will either tell you the things you’ve missed, or ask for your signature so you can finally send it off. But wait! Before sending your application off, be sure to click the “preview button” in the top right-hand corner of one of the sub-headings. You’ll want to look over your application in the format the college will see it in and make sure you’ve made no mistakes. Once you’ve looked it over multiple times, and am sure of its completion, type your name and send it off. Best wishes, I hope you got in!

Important: Some colleges require more than just the CommonApp, though. This obviously means you won’t be done and will have to check in here again to fill out the Supplements and Payments section. Stay posted for more from The College Chronicles! Feel free to leave a question or comment below!



PS. Here is my list of colleges and deadlines:

  • Kenyon – Jan 15, RD
  • Denison – Jan 15, RD
  • Miami University, Oxford – Feb 1, RD
  • Butler – Feb 15, RD
  • Ohio Wesleyan – Mar 1, RD
  • Hanover – Mar 1, RD
  • Dayton University – Mar 1, RD

*I have taken out both University of Pittsburgh, and University of Cincinnati. I know I wouldn’t attend, even if I got in, and in that case there’s no point in applying. Also, I changed from Early Action to Regular Decision for all my colleges because I didn’t want the colleges to think that I rated them highly on my list. It was better to avoid confusion. Kenyon is no longer Early Decision because I need flexibility within the next 7 months due to my family situation. It’s unfortunate, but it’s okay to change your deadlines as long as you haven’t sent anything in that has stated a deadline!


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CommonApp.Org – Part 1

So, with the help of my dear friend Isabel, I learned how to work the CommonApp website. It’s safe to say that I had made using it a lot harder than it actually is. Honestly, I love the website. It makes it so much easier to know which college needs what forms, as opposed to having thousands of papers sitting in a folder at home, getting cluttered and mixed together.

Here are the steps you’ll be taking:

1) Make your screenname

2.)Add your list of colleges

3) Look over the specifics of each college – Do any of your colleges require payments? If so, which ones? For how much? Which ones require supplements? I suggest creating a table and writing all this down (with boxes to check off when something specific is completed). It’s always nice to have a hard copy of it.

4) Look at the subheading Future Plans (under the Common App heading) for each college and fill it out. You have to fill this section out separately for each college because each one has multiple deadlines that you’ll have to decide between.

  • Early Decision – sent in early and is binding. If you get into a college under this deadline, you’re obligated to go here.
  • Early Action – sent in early, but is not binding.
  • Regular Decision – is not sent in early, and is also not binding.

Now, with all these different deadlines to choose from – and with multiple colleges – it can be a bit daunting to decide which one you want to send in when. You don’t know how busy your senior year will be, and you definitely don’t want to overload yourself. So what I did was write down each college with all the different deadlines next to it.

  • Kenyon – Nov 15, 2010(ED1)/Jan 15, 2011(ED2)/Jan 15, 2011(RD)*
  • Butler – Nov 15, 2010(EA1)/Jan 15, 2011(EA2)/Feb 15, 2011(RD)
  • Denison – Nov 15, 2010(ED1)/Jan 15, 2011(ED2)/Jan 15, 2011(RD)*
  • Hanover – Dec 1, 2010(EA)/Mar 1, 2011(RD)
  • Miami – Nov 1, 2010(ED)/Dec 1, 2010(EA)/Feb 1, 2011(RD)
  • University of Dayton – Dec 15,2010(EA)/Mar 1, 2011(RD)

I know that I want to go to Kenyon if I get in, so I obviously picked an Early Decision deadline (which also meant that I only had one option for Denison’s deadline, Regular Decision.)

  • Kenyon – Nov 15, 2010(ED)
  • Denison – Jan 15, 2011(RD)

But after that, it was mostly about preference. It all depends on what kind of person you are, how you live your life, and how many colleges you’re applying to.

  • Kenyon – Nov 15, 2010(ED)
  • Butler – Nov 15, 2010(EA1)
  • Miami – Dec 1, 2010(EA)
  • UD – Dec 15, 2010(EA)
  • Denison – Jan 15, 2011(RD)
  • Hanover – Mar 1, 2011(RD)

*Both Early Decision II and Regular Decision had the same date.


At this point, I’m going to mention that two of my colleges – University of Cincinnati and University of Pittsburgh – are Rolling Admissions. As far as I can tell, it means that you can apply at any time, but they don’t accept if you don’t qualify or if the class has filled up. Now, because of this, many applicants are often wait-listed. I don’t want this to happen, and I’m sure no one else does, because you can never be a good judge of whether you’ll get into the other colleges or not. So, the best bet is to get the applications in early. For me, I’m going to try to get those two applications in around the same time as Kenyon and Butler. Although, if I find I really need to, I can always push it back.

Last note – neither UC or U. of Pitt were a part of the Common App website. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re Rolling Admissions, but this means that you’ll have to go to their own website and make an account there and apply. It’s basically the same as the Common App website, so far as I can tell. I’ll make a post if anything of importance comes up with these two applications.

Stay posted for the next installment – and feel free to leave a question or comment below!



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